christ is king

Welcome to the website of Providence Baptist Church, a Reformed Baptist Church located in Perryville, Arkansas at 1520 N. Fourche Ave. Email Us.

Sunday School: 9:30am
Sunday Morning Worship: 10:30am
Sunday Evening Worship: 6pm
Wednesday Night Worship and Bible Study: 6:30pm
(We offer a Wednesday Night Meal during the School year at 5:45pm)

Welcome to Providence Baptist Church!
(formerly Perryville Second Baptist)

"The providence of God in a general way includes all creatures, but in a special way it takes care of His church and arranges all things to its good."

| 1689 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith (5.7)

Maybe the most important question you’ll ever be asked: What is the Gospel?

Sunday Mornings (10:30am): Ephesians

Sunday Evenings (6pm): The Sermon on the Mount